Dating vintage ibanez guitars

dating vintage ibanez guitars

the body, as the previous. Ibanez guitar production is outsourced to several companies and facilities through the world and the numbering schemes are different in each region and/or factory. The production of these Artstar models at the Cort factory was discontinued in 2003. Examples of Ibanez serial numbers on back of headstock. It has long been Ibanez's practice to begin production for the subsequent model year in November (or even late October but the serial numbering change that was implemented in November 2004 acknowledged and formalized this practice. 379.00, buy it now or Best Offer.95 P P, having said that, for a Pro Quliaty 40 year old guitar, its not doing too bad, these were built to be used and used they were. Cor-Tek) I ndonesian plant K manufactured by K wo Hsaio., Ltd. Since then instruments in the Premium line have received standard Indonesian serial numbers. F YY # single letter f ) 2-digit number 5-digit number, example: F1418872 (May 2014 f manufactured.

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052005) MM month represented as two digits (01January.12December) # consecutive production number for the year (or month?) 7-digit numeric (19972008) Some Korean Ibanez serial numbers are purely numeric with no alphabetic characters. Near Nagano (19881996 (it's believed that the H stands for the first name of Terada's CEO H aruo Terada ) I manufactured by I ida Gakki (also sometimes listed as Ida Gakki) in Nagoya (19881992) Y last digit of year: 7196 # consecutive production number. S (post-1995) manufactured by S aehan Guitar Technology, a subdivision of Zaozhuang Saehan Music., Ltd. Dating Your Ibanez on m (dealer website archived August 2017. 2 Joe Satriani sex anzeigen private rheda signature models Guitars in the JS series made in Japan have plates with a 6-digit numeric serial number which indicates the sequential number of JS production. Some of the information is speculative and this is marked as such in the text. Thank you may be the entertainment for you all /md1x4sGyNvk. The Vintage Ibanez site will be online around mid January, 2000. The weight.9 lbs. It's most likely that this is a big misunderstanding caused by an over generalization in the database of the "Guitar Dater Project" website, which is not able to assign the right factory to a vintage Ibanez guitar based on its serial number. 1, the serial numbers are generally a character string containing letters and numbers, although some are purely numeric.